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Svein Finnerud Trio
– The Complete Released Works 1968-1999 

Catalogue number: PSPCD711

Releasedate: November, 2008


Plastic Strip Press presents the complete released works of the Norwegian avant-garde jazz pioneers Svein Finnerud Trio. After the critically acclaimed CD Preachers, containing the unreleased works of the trio, the label started the project to document the trios output throughout 31 years on different obscure labels and limited edition prints that is impossible to buy.

Svein Finnerud Trio have achieved a cult following amongst musicians in Norway and are regarded as one of the most controversial and important avant-garde groups from Scandinavia ever to come out. Even when the trio was doing different things such as free-jazz, musical theatre, jazz & poetry, working with graphic notation or collaborated with electronic composers - their music always had that unique Finnerud sound that develop through a 50 year long friendship between the bass player Bjørnar Andresen and pianist Svein Finnerud.


The boxset shows the trio from the self titled Paul Bley-inspired debut LP released by Norsk Jazzforum in 1968 to the legendary Plastic Sun LP from 1970, when the group almost reached popstar status in Norway and was signed to record mogul Arne Bendiksen label. We get to hear for the first time on CD the fusion inspired jazz & poetry record Mulitmal which they made together with visual artist and poet Trond Botnen and legendary saxophone player Carl Magnus Neumann in 1971, to the more sombre and dark record Thoughts recorded in 1973 but released by Henie Onstad Art Centre in 1984 after being shelved for 11 years. The trio made a comeback in the 90s with the record Travel Pillow in 1994 before cutting Egne Hoder with then young drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in 1999, released by the jazzclub BLÅ own label BP.


The release contains remastred versions of:


- Svein Finnerud Trio – Svein Finnerud Trio (1968)

- Svein Finnerud Trio – Plastic Sun (1970)

- T.Botnen/S.Finnerud Trio/C.Neumann – MULTIMAL (1971)

- Svein Finnerud Trio – Thoughts (1984)

- Svein Finnerud Trio – Travel Pillow (1994)

- B. Andresen/S. Finnerud/P. Nilssen-Love – Egne Hoder (1999)


The box comes with a DVD that contains two unreleased TV Shows the trio recorded for the Norwegian Broadcasting bureau at the Central theatre in Oslo and the Munch Museum. It also contains two radio interviews with Bjørnar Andresen and Svein Finnerud, a slideshow with the scrapbooks of Bjørnar Andresen and Svein Finnerud found after their deaths. As a bonus there is an MP3 audio of an unreleased concert the trio held at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in 1971 found in the centre's sound archives.


Also included in the box is a 40 page booklet with essays on the trio by Paal Nilssen-Love, Ivar Chr. Johansen, Martin Revheim, Per Hovdenakk and Eivind Opsvik. Lars M¯rch Finborud has also interviewed the drummer Espen Rud for the booklet where he tells the story of the trio from its mere beginnings in 1967.


CD 1  

Svein Finnerud Trio – Svein Finnerud Trio

Norsk jazzforum JF-LP-02  (1968) 

1. Mazatlan 

2. Elenora De Gileramo 

3. IDA 

4. Cocarde 

5. JABA 768  

Svein Finnerud Trio – Plastic Sun

Sonet SLPS 1406 (1970) 

6. Bernhard 

7. Alnafet Street 

8. Cartoon 

9. Plastic Sun

10. Touching 

11. Dee Dee

12. Parelius N. 

13. Strings 




Trond Botnen/Svein Finnerud Trio/ Calle Neumann – MULTIMAL

Norske Bokklubben/Polydor 2920102 (1971) 


1. Da egenvekten

2. Navlen min/Da de tok den høyre armen/Når jeg ikke har plass/

Natten som alle vet kommer/Jonas/Da Jesus Stakk


4. For noen tid siden sviktet lyden/Narcissus/Ansjosen/

Vi støpte kongen/Ut av caravellen kom

5. Hit de flyver/17.Mai toget

6. Reklamasjon/Han bodde alene/After the ball II

7. Vil du kjøpe en blomst/Havet/27.Mars 1970

8. Mr.Cocky

Svein Finnerud Trio – Thoughts

Prisma Records, Prisma LP001 (1984) 

1. Olga 

2. B 

3. The Special Miracle 

4. Limpin´

5. Tribute To Charlie Haden 

6. Thoughts 

7. Speedway

8. It Was Preaching To The Wind  




Svein Finnerud Trio – Travel Pillow

Prisma Records FTCD 9401 (1994) 

1. Travel Pillow 

2. Linford C 

3. Gentle Territory 

4. Hangin Around 

5. Duty Calls

6. How High The Noon

7. Enphant 1 

8. Nothing Important 

9. Enphant II 

10. Mixed Marble

11. Ballad For Bendik

Bjørnar  Andresen/Svein Finnerud/Paal Nilssen-Love – Egne Hoder

BP Records BP 0008 (1999) 

12. Den Andre 



DVD1 Svein Finnerud Trio på Centralteateret 1970

DVD2 Kjell Skyllstad – Abstraction 1

DVD3 Svein Finnerud Trio – Live At Høvikodden    

DVD4 Interview With Svein Finnerud Trio by Erling Wicklund

DVD5 Interview With Bjørnar Andresen by Erling Wicklund

DVD5.1 Svein Finnerud Trio – Special Miracle

DVD5.2 Svein Finnerud Trio – Speedway

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