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Produced in Norway 1:
J-Ramm // Kolon Productions // Nutsons // Clark F

Catalogue number: PSPCD713/PSPLP713 

Release date: June, 2009

This is the first release in the Produced in Norway series on Plastic Strip Press, a new series showcasing talent from the Norwegian music scene on quality vinyl and digipack CD format.

This release features four up and coming producers from the Norwegian hip-hop scene J-Ramm (Jørgen Ramm), Kolon Productions (Intact & FLG/Erik Norderval og Joakim Martinussen), Nutsons (Erlend & Haakon Mjømen Knudsen) & Clark F (Marius Haugan)  that have all been  active on the scene in Norway as producers, DJ`s or MCs the last ten years. 

They have in common (with Nutsons as an exception) that they are part of a new generation of Norwegian beat producers that has grown up on the music of Jay Dee & Madlib and the sound from Detroit and Los Angeles - compared to the earlier beat makers in Norway, more influenced by New York producers like DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Large Professor.  

Many of the producers have worked tightly with foreign artists, either living abroad or hooking up through MySpace and this album showcases some of the collaborations with American, Swedish and English names such as Frank N Dank, Baatin (of Slum Village) Shawn Jackson, Leaf Ericson Johnny 5, Organism 12 Niamh Mc Cartney and Illa J.

Also some of the best Norwegian rap acts are featured such as Loys Doy, Onkl P & Jaa9, Budbringer, Follo Pluss, RSP, Freakshow and Toby Tones.

About the artists: 

J-Ramm (the artist formerly known as J-Rose) is a rapper/producer hailing from Tønsberg, Norway. He has been producing beats for 5 years for various artists such as Dudley Perkins, MED, Frank N Dank, Shawn Jackson, Phat Kat and various Norwegian artists. He is an official member of the rap collective Ville Vestfold.  

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Kolon Productions consists of the two beat junkies FLG & Intact who has been producing and DJ`ing since 1999, when they sold their soul to the drum machine. They have worked with various artists such as Super Smash Bros, Slum Village, Amazone and Freakshow. 

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Nutsons are two legendary brothers hailing from Oslo, Norway. They have been active as DJ`s, record collectors and producers on the scene in Norway for more than 15 years and have been DJs for everything from Dirty Oppland to URO. They released their first and only release, the Sleaze Cheesebourg EP in 2002 to critical acclaim. 

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Clark F hailing from Tønsberg, Norway have been producing beats for more than ten years for various people such as Green Lantern, Dorthe Skappel (!!), Nils M Skills, Evig Poesi. He is an official member of the collective Ville V. 

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About the Produced in Norway series:

For the last years the number of releases of quality Norwegian hip-hop and experimental music on CD and vinyl has declined, even though there are more talented rappers and producers than ever before. Digital technology has allowed new artists to merely MP3 their tracks, after they are removed from the MySpace playlist, most of the music disappears. The Produced in Norway series tries to document the vast landscape of music laying on dusty harddisks all around the country.

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