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(concept.virus) – Abstract Digression

Catalogue number: PSPMP3002

Release date: 2007

Stian Skagen is an artist working on the borderline of philosophy, physics and science. By combining sound and philosophy with contemporary science and digital developments, Skagen produces a complex ambience where the borders of the perceptual experience are challenged. Whether it is in his sound performance projects, installations or texts, the common factor is time, space and systems reflecting and shaping our environment and the surroundings that build up our reality. For Skagen art is a complex structure of several equally valued positions and actions. Skagen says; “I do not consider my self as a sound artist, sound art is specific and relates to sound as tradition. Sound has a quality which is not found in other media such as the visual arts and sculpture, i use this quality in my artistic production, not as an ornamental extra, it builds up the very essence of my work, and this essence may also appear as visual art and sculpture.”


1. vohenja
by Stian Skagen
Live recording from Westcoast Festival of Numusic 2004

2. Vinter Støy
by Titan og YEZ
Studio recording from 2003

3. Kursk
by Titan og YEZ
From the Karsk Sessions 2002

4. The Rise And Fall of Phenomenology
By Stian Skagen
Live Recording from Spasibar Oslo 2005

5. + first half
By Titan and YEZ
Spilderstudio recording 2003

6. Image code in candel
By Titan and YEZ
From Minusn recording sessions 2006

7. Floor Killer
By Stian Skagen
Live recording from TGFKAG Oslo 2007

8. LFO Coordinates
By Titan and YEZ
From Minusn recording sessions 2006

9. Elektroinsekt
By Stian Skagen
Recording for dance performance 2005

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