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Produced in Norway 2
Oslo SP Ensemble, Bazbiz, Emile The Duke & Necessary

Catalogue number: PSPLP716

Release date: May, 2010

Produced In Norway 2 is the second release in the Produced in Norway series on Plastic Strip Press, a series showcasing beatmakers, DJ`s and rappers from Norway. The first release showcased the artists Nutsons, J-Ramm, Kolon Productions and Clark F. The artists featured on this release are Oslo SP Ensemble, BazBiz, Emile The Duke and Necessary. All the artists on this release is producing music within the extended field of the hip-hop genre and are representatives of a new scene of beatmakers from Norway which are producing music on a high international level and are getting recognition far beyond Scandinavia. The concept of the record is quite simple: All the artists have nothing else in common than that they are situated in Norway and produce quality music and all have made one LP side of exclusive new music for this release. Guest artists featured on this album is Salvador (from Darkside of the Force), Dreamon and Ivy League (from The Afeeliated)



OSLO SP ENSEMBLE is a Oslo based producer collective consisting of Fred Fades, Deck Daddy and John Rice, all loyal crate-diggers and DJ`s. They have been behind many great mixtapes, vinyl releases, club nights and radio shows in Norway and have worked closely with both Norwegian and international rappers the last years. Their whole LP side is (off course) made on SP 1200 samplers.



BAZBIZ aka Bjørn Harald Lund Bø is a Norwegian DJ and producer. He is behind the famous Doin it` club concept and has for years been a figure on the Oslo music scene. He is also running the label Streetology Studios.



Emile Aasen aka Emile The Duke is a norwegian producer and rapper which has working with music since 1998. He has released several internet albums and has been a steady outsider in the Norwegian hip-hop scene. Things have however gotten to the point where its only right that people should recognize. The tunes revolve around life in Oslo, or the Big Potato as he refers to it. Witty and ironic yet with a strong sense of harsh reality. He is according to himself sounding like Woody Allen, Bill Evans, Steely Dan, Vincent Gallo, Michelangelo Antonioni, Frank Sinatra & Madonna. Always in search for new contacts and inspiring experiences, he hopes to touch both the bourgouis and the working class people. Watch out for his MookTime label which will be dropping some material this summer both on vinyl and CD.



Although based in Oslo, Necessary includes members and collaborators from much further afield. Besides Norwegians Andreas Mork, Matti Hansen and Markus O Klyve, are legendary American drummer Ted Parsons and London born Tony F Wilson aka Spykidelic. Parsons has drummed in the bands Swans, Godflesh, Prong and Jesu and is also a member of Teledubgnosis who have recorded for New York’s WordSound and remixed iconoclastic metal band Isis. Wilson has been involved in music projects for the labels Lo Recordings, Aurora Borealis and Important Records, with work ranging from cosmic-folk to doom laden electronica. Other regular Necessary contributors include Chilean born rapper Salvador Sanchez, formerly of Norwegian rap crew Dark Side of the Force and Godflesh and Jesu founder Justin K. Broadrick, who mixed and produced the band’s forthcoming album Voldsløkka.

About the Produced in Norway series
For the last years the number of releases of quality Norwegian hip-hop and experimental music on vinyl has declined, even though there are more talented rappers and producers than ever before. Digital technology has allowed new artists to merely MP3 their tracks, after they are removed from the MySpace playlist, most of the music disappears. The Produced in Norway series tries to document the vast landscape of music laying on dusty harddisks all around the country.


Side A

Oslo SP Ensemble


1. The Intro (N.Y. Express)

2. Reppin Outta Control feat. Dreamon

3. Egbalude

4. Look In The Sky

5. You Know, You Know

6. Brooklyn (You Showed Me)

7. Ray Gun (Nunchuckz Pt. 2) feat. Ivy League

8. Free (Piano Joint`07)

9. In Shalahh (Bollyhood)

10. Untitled `09

11. Knock Knock (The Outro)

Side B


12. Bumpy Ride

13. That Swang!

14. 365 Days Of Night

15. Coffee, Bread & Cigarettes

16. Take It Easy

17. Riggin

18. Ekologic

19. P-Troit

20. Walkin With G-suz

Side C


21. King Kool

22. Produced In Norway

23. God Is You

24. Born Looser

25. Mooks!

26. Disappear

27. Bum or Bomb

Side D



28. Al-Alsifah

29. 20% (Grimm Og Gru)

30. Insisting On Racial Name Calling

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