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Emile The Duke - The Duke

Catalogue number: PSPMP3001

Release date: 2007


Emile The Duke welcomes you in for a sneak peak on what he has been up 

to the last two years. Emile is 23 years old and has been working hard 

about eight years without much success. Things have however gotten 

to the point where its only right that people should recognize. 

The tunes revolve around life in Oslo, or the Big Potato as he refers 

to it. Witty and ironic yet with a strong sense of harsh reality. 

The following material simply free for download on the worldwide web, 

while preparing The man who loved women as a debut release to be 

pressed up. Yes, the young gun is busy. Produced, recorded and mixed 

in his dear old mother`s apartment. Always in search for new contacts

and inspiring experiences, he hopes to touch both the bourgouis and the 

working class people. We are here looking at rap music taking 

a unique left at the crossroads. Without compromise and with the human 

emotion in focus, this is merely the baby start of a vast and diverse

series of projects from Oslo`s new self proclaimed spokesman. 


There you have it sonny. 


Produced, written and recorded 2006-2007 in Emile The Dukes Little Boys Room. 


Coverdesign by Mats Lande


A big thanks to the city of Oslo. 


Watch out for more Emile The Duke projects coming in the fall/winter of 2007. 


1. Grand Hotel

2. Hookerboy

3. Chosen Few

4. Hungover

5. Together

6. Camera

7. Keep It To Yourself

8. Phone

9. Popcorn

10. Psalm

11. Suave

12. SDT

13. The Liar

14. Reflecting

15. Bring It

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