07.01.2018 New label and four releases

In cooperation with Lasse Marhaug Plastic Strip Press have started a new label called O. Gudmundsen Minde. In autumn 2017 we released four records with Taxgorkhan, Sverre Larssen and Christopher Nielsen.

All LPs pressed in a limited edition of 300 ex.

Distributed by Diger Distro ( and all digital services.

Go to the O. Gudmundsen Minde section for more info on the label and releases.

12.06.2015 New Prisma Records releases:

Thurston Moore & Mats Gustafsson "Live at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter"
Famlende Forsøk "Washing China"

Both LPs pressed in a limited edition of 300 ex.

Distributed through and

Click on the title on the left hand side for more info on the releases.

16.12.2014 New release - Arne Nordheim/Deathprod split 7"

Limited edition of 300 ex. Click on the title on the left hand side for more info.

14.10.2013 New releases - Arne Nordheim Camille Norment, Hal Clark - and more!

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13.10.2013 Plastic Strip Mixtapes

Check out some old-school Plastic Strip mixtapes by Emile The Duke, Tommy Søvik (Oslo Soul Experience), Fredrik Lavik and Oslo Nerd Army on our Soundcloud page here

04.10.2012 New Prisma releases

Check out the sections with the new releases of Popofoni, Kåre Kolberg and Oren Ambarchi & James Rushford.

All on vinyl, all in limited editions.

Prisma Records is Henie Onstad Kunstsenters records label and is distributed through Plastic Strip Press via Musikkoperatørene, P-VIne Records, Forced Exposure and F-Minor.

More reviews of The BESTE and Sverre Knudsen at Bladfyk

Great review by Eirik Kydland in Bergens Tidende here and by Frank Skoveng at here

Also, on the forthcoming saturday, february 4th, Sverre Knudsen will be interviewed at the literary magazine Vinduets event Bladfyk at Last Train in Oslo. More info here

20.01.2012 Great The BESTE review in Dagbladet

Fredrik Wanderup just awarded The BESTE album top score in todays music section of Dagbladet

20.01.2012 The BESTE music videos uploaded to YouTube

I have just uploaded four music videos that The BESTE made in 1985 as promotion for the album Sang for åtte kroner... Great early Norwegian music videos thats been unearthed.

Watch the rest of the videos here

04.01.2012 The BESTE: En sang for åtte kroner... & Blått

Plastic Strip Press is proud to present this 2-CD digipack release containing the two classic Norwegian post-punk albums En sang for åtte kroner... (1985) and Blått (1987) by the group The BESTE. The band consisted of members from bands such as The Aller Værste!, DumDum Boys and Holy Toy and released only two private pressed LPs in their shortspanned career. The sound is remastered and the 16-page booklet comes with unseen photos and linernotes by Ola Bauer and Audun Vinger. Executive produced by Lars Mørch Finborud & Sverre Knudsen.

The release is in records stores the 27.01.2012 and is also available from iTunes and Spotify.

Go to the The BESTE section for more info (Norwegian only)

14.11.2011 Four new Prisma Records releases

The 25th of November Prisma Records will release four brand new digipack CD-releases with material from the Henie Onstad Art Centre. The batch consists of unearthed electronic works by Kåre Kolberg, improv by the band Muskap, early noize music by Rolf Aamot and a live-recording of a concert the band Masselys held at the art centre in May 2011.

Plastic Strip Press distributes Prisma Records through Musikkoperatørene.

Go to the release section for more info.

20.04.2011 Lukk opp kirkens dører

The Lukk opp kirkens dører compilation is now in stores and have gotten some great reviews. Just uploaded some press clippings from the printed versions of D2, Morgenbladet and Dagsavisen. Also click here for an interview with me at about christian experimental music in the 70s and my work with the compilation.

11.03.2011 New release in stores April 8th 2011

Lukk Opp Kirkens Dører
- A Selection Of Norwegian Christian Jazz, Psych, Funk & Folk 1970-1980


This compilation documents the Norwegian progressive Christian music scene that grew out of the Ten Sing-movement (Teenage Singing) and Jesus revolution at the end of the 1960s. Within a few years the Christian music industry in Norway became almost as powerful as the secular, with the rise of new labels, festivals and fan clubs. With a wish to throw open the church’s doors to new cultural expressions, Christian youth all over Norway created a now forgotten catalogue of albums with jazz, psychedelic, beat, funk and folk mixed with a Christian message. Twenty nuggets from this obscure music catalogue are now gathered on this release. Both CD and LP comes with new linernotes by Lars Mørch Finorud and unseen photo material.

Go to the release section for more info.

06.12.2010 Some record reviews and a brand new mixtape to download

Go to the download section to check out a brand new mixtape by DJ, producer and cratedigger Fred Fades. Also uploaded some uplifting record reviews from DN, Dagbladet and Morgenbladet.

14.11.2010 New release in stores November 29th 2010

Close Erase - R.I.P Complete Recordings 1995-2007

R.I.P is a 5-CD box set which presents the complete recordings of the Norwegian jazzgroup Close Erase between the years 1995-2007. The release also serves as a tombstone for the band, since the three founding members have decided to split up after this release. R.I.P is therefore a final documentation and a “last will” from Close Erase.

R.I.P contains their four studio albums plus one disc with brand new material. It contains the two acoustic records Close Erase (1996) and No.2 (1999), and the two electric albums Dance This (2001) and Sport Rocks (2006). CD 5 contains the brand new album Live At Dokkhuset - a live recording of a concert held in Trondheim 2007, one of the groups last concerts together. The box set also comes with a 20-page booklet with photos, drawings, press-clippings and linernotes by Martin Revheim.

Click the Close Erase section for more info.

15.10.2010 Compendium Records release in stores 25th October

Just got the 2LP and CD from the pressing plant and it both looks and sounds perfect!

Finally the documentation of this groundbreaking Norwegian progressive label and record store is in the stores soon !

Go to the Compendium Records section to read more about this release and check out the website for all info on the label and the release.

04.10.2010 Plastic Strip Press & Prisma Records sale at Big Dipper Records in Oslo

In the forthcoming weeks you can buy all the releases on CD & LP to heavily discounted prices.

Travel to Torggata in Oslo or check out their webpage

17.09.2010 New release on Plastic Strip Press 25th October 2010

Compendium Records – Norway`s First Progressive Record Store & Label 1974-1977

Digipack CD 20-page booklet // 2LP vinyl gatefold
Linernotes by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Frode Holm og Hans Voigt

Plastic Strip is proud to present the first retrospective documentation of Norway`s first progressive record store and label, Compendium Records.

Compendium started out in 1974 as a classic hippie enterprise: a lucky set of circumstances, practically no money and a complete disregard for any and all usual business practices. But the business idea was good. At the time, the price difference between Norway and England for records was quite substantial, and Compendium found out that they could sell the albums cheaper than the other stores by importing directly from England and still make money. After harassing parents and friends for startup capital, they managed to buy 6-7 boxes of the hottest items and put them up for sale in a dilapidated basement in an obscure part of Oslo.

The first crew of Compendium Records consisted of Frode Holm, Gunnar Skogen and Jomar Johansen; all a little bit ‘off center’ from the usual Oslo music scene, in that they all liked to listen to jazz and pretty much any kind of ‘out there’ music, like Frank Zappa and Soft Machine and the whole Cantebury movement.

By 1975, Compendium was in full bloom, to the record companies’ great annoyance, and they had refurbished the basement to include not only a record store, but also a book store, a small coffee room, oriental goods and posters.

After Frode Holm went to see the band Henry Cow perform at Kensington theatre in London and was completely blown away, he invited the band to Oslo to hold a concert at the Henie Onstad Art Centre. The sold out concert was taped and Frode and since the guys wanted to set up a record label, they asked the band if they wanted to release the concert. This recording together with others live tapes from Henry Cow ended up as Compendiums first release, Henry Cow “Concerts”.

Already at the time of Soft Machine concert at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo in 1971, Frode had met some of the Soft Machines members and in 1976 they met again to discuss recording plans. This concluded with Compendium Records releasing Hugh Hoppers classic ablum, Hoppertunitybox, and Elton Dean/Keith Tippet/Hugh Hopper/Joe Gallivan`s classic fusionjazz album “Cruel But Fair”. Compendium also released the british progressivejazz band Mirage with Brian Godding and different records by Joe Gallivan and Charles Austin.

But Compendium was also releasing allot of Norwegian jazz and progressive rock music. In 1976 they released the album Hi-Fly with Norwegian singer Karin Krog and American jazzmusician Archie Shepp. They also released subliminal albums by the Norwegian groups Saluki, Vanessa and the classic Norwegian group Blow Out, consisting of the Jon Eberson, Sveinung Hovensjø, Jon Christensen and Håkon Graf.

That a small indie label from Norway released albums by such peers as Henry Cow, soft Machine members and Archie Shepp, is nothing but amazing!

In 1977 Compendium closed it doors. The label had by then released ten albums and the store had sold thousands of progressive jazz and rock records to the Norwegian public.

The release is supported by The Norwegian Cultural Council

Tracklist and more info coming soon

For more info on Compendium Records go to the webiste made for this release here

15.09.2010 New release on Prisma Records - Bjørn Fongaard

Prisma Records is proud to present the release Bjørn Fongaard "Elektrofoni - Works for Micro Intervallic Guitar 1965-1978". Elektrofoni is a 3CD and 1DVD box-set which for the first time presents the groundbreaking works by Norwegian experimental composer, guitarist and micro-tonal music pioneer Bjørn Fongaard (1919-1980). Go to the Fongaard section for more info on this release and how to get it.

19.05.2010 Two new mixes uploaded

To celebrate the release of Produced in Norway 2 we have uploded two new mixes in the download section.

One is by the producer, record collector and 1/3 of the Oslo SP Ensemble, DeckDaddy , entitled Norwegian Gold.

The other mix is by the director of Jansen Plateproduksjon and Rock og Spesialreiser,Erik Elevator, who made a mix of obscure surf, psych and garage for Plastic Strip.

Go to Mixes to listen.


2 LP Gatefold // Digital version on iTunes & Spotify


Releaseparty at Nomaden in Oslo May 15th at 22.00-03.00

Produced In Norway 2 is the second release in the Produced in Norway series on Plastic Strip Press, a series showcasing beatmakers, DJ`s and rappers from Norway,

All the artists on this release is producing music within the extended field of the hip-hop genre and are representatives of a new scene of beatmakers from Norway which are producing music on a high international level and are getting recognition far beyond Scandinavia.

Preview some tracks from the release here


Check out the Løver & Tigre tracks Jeg ser ingen farer and Tema fra (Løver & Tigre) on LØ:Ts frontman Sverre Knudsens MySpace page

Album in stores now!


Next monday Plastic Strip Press will drop the re-release of the Norwegian post-punk classic Grr... by the band Løver & Tigre, consisting of members from groups The Aller Værste!, Hot Club de Norvége and Betong Hysteria.

You can buy the record online from, or any good local record store like Big Dipper or Tiger. Plus digital version from iTunes & Spotify.

Included is seven new bonus tracks from a live performance held at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in 1983 featuring Nils Økland and Audun Strype, rare unseen photos and new linernotes.

While we wait check out a VHS video rip of the song Tema fra (Løver & Tigre) here


Check out the release section for more info on the re-release of the classic norwegian post-punk album Grr... from the band Løver & Tigre.

Also due to a May release is a new installment in the Produced in Norway series featuring Oslo SP Ensemble, BazBiz, Emile The Duke and Necessary. Go here for more info


Our new website is designed by Mats Lande and Hojin Kang.

To celebrate our new website we have uploaded three new mixes made especially for Plastic Strip. One deep and sweet soul mix by Tommy from Oslo Soul Experience. A jazz set by Gustav Dahlberg from the notorious Malmo soul club Love Bounce. And a rare groove blend by Oslo digger Fred Fades created with finds from his recent New York trip. Go to the mixes section to listen.

Also some new releases are in the making, amongst others a new Produced in Norway LP/CD release (with Oslo SP Ensemble, Necessary, BazBiz and Emile The Duke) and a re-release of a norwegian post-punk classic by the band Løver & Tigre

Also check out my new label Prisma Records, which a have started with colleague Lasse Marhaug. The label is dedicated to release music recorded at the Henie Onstad Art Centre, located at Høvikodden 12 kilometres outside of Oslo, Norway. Check out our releases with Kåre Kolberg, John Cage, Stian Skagen and Andreas Meland & Ingar Zach on this site and on our other site here