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Løver & Tigre – Grr... & Live at Høvikodden

Catalogue number: PSPCD717

Releasedate: May, 2010    


Løver & Tigre was an Norwegian post-punk outfit that consisted of members from the Norwegian new wave band The Aller Værste! (Sverre Knudsen & Chris Erichsen), the string-swing band Hot Club de Norvége (Jon Larsen, Ivar Brodal, Per Frydenlund & Svein Aarbostad) and Betong Hysteria (Geir "Bulle" Underdal).

The founder and frontman of Løver & Tigre was the producer, leadsinger and bass player, Sverre Knudsen, who wrote all the songs and melodies on the band first and only album Grr... . The album was released in 1983 on Knudsen own label entitled Plateselskapet Norge. The first pressing of 2000 copies were all handpainted from scratch in a gigantic one day DIY painting session. Since the band got so much media attention from the DIY painting process, the first pressing sold out fast and a new pressing was made with a front cover with photos from the painting process.

This obscure record is now regarded as one of Norways finest post-punk releases and one of the strangest combos of musicians that ever has appeared on a record together.

This re-release of Grr... also includes seven tracks from an unknown live recording, made at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in 1983, which features Audun Strype on bass and Nils Økland playing the fiddle.





1. (Tema fra) Løver & Tigre


2. Slik de skulle bli


3. Jeg som har sett


4. Dette kaoset


5. Hvordan kunne jeg


6. Stille her


7. Lage, lagre


8. Toget


9. Tomahawk, dada, kontor 


10. Intro + (Tema fra) Løver & Tigre


11. Allerede


12. Ingenting


13. Jeg som har rett


14. Kommer til skje


15. Jeg ser ingen farer 


16. Tomahawk, dada, kontor

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